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    Manang – Nar Phu (Phoo) Valley & Kangla Pass | Nepal

    Manang, the land beyond mountains. It is one of the favourite trekking destinations in Nepal for both domestic and international travellers. It is also renowned as the land beyond mountains after its neighbouring district  Mustang, Nepal. The majestic wide verdant fields, valley, waterfalls, beautiful crests, people, culture and etiquette is more than enough to dazzle anyone trekking in Nepal. Whenever one ponders about Manang, waterfalls, apple farms, outspread colourful fields with a parched hill that took over centuries to form comes to one mind. It is definitely a hidden gem behind the mountains. The trek starts from Besisahar (760 mt), Lamjung which is a subtropical zone (below 1,200 mt) then…

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    Waling, the heart of Syangja

    Waling Municipality, the heart of Syangja, is a small valley surrounded by hills. It is a small town in the western hills of Nepal, in the Aadhikhola valley in Syangja district, Gandaki Zone of Nepal. Waling bazaar is at the height of 800 meters from sea level while the municipality’s height varies from 731 to 1596 meters. Waling isn’t a place often visited by tourists/travelers but I decided to visit nonetheless. This place is immensely rich in tradition and culture. People of the Brahman and Chhetri ethnic group are major residents here. Most lands are cultivable and agriculture is the main occupation of most of the people. I stayed here for 4 days mingling with the…

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    Khopra Ridge Trek

    Text: Dovan Rai Photographs: Sean P. Grady and Dovan Rai October 2016: Three of my friends were visiting Nepal for the first time and one of the interesting things they wanted to do in Nepal was trek in the mountains. Considering the tight schedule and their unfamiliarity in the terrain and my own, I picked the famous Poon Hill trek. But my friends wanted to go further and higher. So, we modified our original Poon hill trek itinerary and extended further north to Khopra hill. Khopra trek was not a well-known trekking route and I had my concerns. But I am very glad that we chose this lesser-known route. Within…

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    An Evening by the Lake

    We Humans have striking accomplishments in our names. Be it diving deep into the ocean or climbing the highest mountains in the world, landing on the moon, and many more, we have done it all with astounding precision. Its our tendency to always try to do things that are never done before. Despite all these achievements, sometimes, this heart of ours still feels void. And that is when the heart needs a “Soulscape”. A soulscape is not a literal escape from the standard vocation, but rather an inquiry into self, “Who Am I ?”  Far from the uproar of  the city, into a place where we can rediscover ourselves spiritually. It could be climbing a …

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    Karnali Diaries

    It was the month of October.  I was walking alongside the bank of Karnali river with Deepak Sharma, a guy from Nawalparasi and my travel companion, whose first name happened to be same as mine. Apart from the two of us, we were accompanied by porters (who were in turn followed by asses/mules with heavy loads packed in their backs.) We were travelling from Manma of Kalikot to Nanikot V.D.C. Nanikot falls on the Northern part of Kalikot and is a three day’s walk from Manma. Despite the long walking distance and heavy backpack, I was feeling glad. The lifestyle of the local people of Karnali, the clean and fresh…

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    Trek to Imja Glacial Lake

    After waiting for over a week for the inclement weather to clear up, we couldn’t be patient anymore and decided to take our chances. Our journey towards Imja Glacier (5010 masl) began at 6 am early in the morning from Kathmandu. Crammed in a small jeep, we reached Salleri (the headquarter of Solu district) after 12 hours. Thankfully, the sky had cleared up after a week of incessant rain. After spending a night in Salleri, we kicked-off our journey towards Imja glacial lake at 06:30 am on 8th Sept, 2016. It was a tough walk on the path, mostly used for transporting goods on the backs of mules; the path…

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    Backpacker’s Valentine

    May you never be too busy to go to Mountains…. The Heart beats and the Mind wanders. My soul craves to roam somewhere else leaving my physical body. Longing for adventures to come. Thrills of joy .Somewhere far away, pathless woods awaiting. This kills me. Maybe its time for me to leave, to go away from everything, the crowd, noise, attachments, just everything that’s around. Bored,restless; I can’t breathe here anymore. Screaming Echoes in my head . Dead, I feel inside. Numb,nothing left. Stuck,drained. Storm in my calm mind, fire in my burning soul and a mess in my eyes. Always dreamed  of living. Frustrated, baffled. Running, awaiting storm, dwelling…

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    Holidaying in the Street: The echoes of Patan

    Mountains are always inviting, the hills are always welcoming, the plains are truly vibrant, but many a times in life, we are bound by the concretes. The city just does not let us go anywhere. While trekking, hiking or camping would ideally come to our minds for a recreational vacation and exploration, the city and its spaces through its concretes can also provide sufficiently to celebrate a weekend in a unique way. Kathmandu Valley is both profane and sacred. While this city seems so indifferent and is sandwiched between the ugly towers and its shrinking rivers, the city has its own unique charms to keep you awestruck, if you are…

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    #NIPTRAVELS, NIP Photo Contest- It’s getting Hot!

    Nepalese in Photography, a popular facebook group with more than 1000k (109,025 to be precise when we posted this) members, has  an Interesting Photography Contest, #NIPTRAVELS going on within the group members. The main theme of the Contest, Travel Photography inside Nepal. The subjects can be Landscape, People, Cultures, Customs and History of Nepal, basically anything significant when you travel Nepal. The Contest started from 7 Sep and will conclude in two weeks. Here are what the Winners get : 1st prize: 72mm Hoya DMC pro ND8X ND filter( worth US$50) 2nd prize: 77mm Tiffen 812 warming filter (worth US$45) 3rd prize: The photographer´s eye book by Michael freeman (worth…

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    Beautiful Illam in Photos

    एकचोटी हाम्रा कविजी भूपी शेरचनलाइ एक जना पत्रकारले ईलाम घुमेर आएपछि यो प्रश्न राखेका थिए रे ! पत्रकार: कविजी ईलाम घुमेर आउनु भयो कस्तो लाग्यो त ईलाम ? भूपी: नेपालको हरेक ठाउमा अलि अलि ईलाम छरीदिउ छरीदिउ लाग्यो ! ल आज, हामी पनि तपाईहरुलाई नेपालको मनोरम जिल्ला ईलाम घुमाउन लैजानछौ, फोटोग्राफर निरज मेचेले खिचेका इलामका मनमोहक तस्बीरहरु :