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An Evening by the Lake

We Humans have striking accomplishments in our names. Be it diving deep into the ocean or climbing the highest mountains in the world, landing on the moon, and many more, we have done it all with astounding precision. Its our tendency to always try to do things that are never done before. Despite all these achievements, sometimes, this heart of ours still feels void. And that is when the heart needs a “Soulscape”.
A soulscape is not a literal escape from the standard vocation, but rather an inquiry into self, “Who Am I ?”  Far from the uproar of  the city, into a place where we can rediscover ourselves spiritually. It could be climbing a  mountain or simply sitting by a peaceful lake.


After coming back from Mardi base camp, I chose to spend few days in the Lake city. Individuals from all across the globe visit Pokhara to satisfy their spirit with the views of the Annapurana Mountain range and sail in the chill water of Phewa.

Having returned from the mountains, I was very little intrigued into the sight of the mountains (which was not very remarkable in the trip because of awful climate), and, the entrancing dusk took my heart away.


The breeze from the mountains in the waters of Phewa, caressing me was a fascinating feeling. Moreover, the mystical dusk was making the water appear fluid gold which was captivating. You can only see it but keep it in your recollections forever. With the experience of having visited more than 30 districts of Nepal, I can bet this is the best place to see the nightfall. Sitting by the lake, doing absolutely nothing, watching the sun take cover behind the mountains is a pure moment of bliss.



Being a nightfall aficionado, I go to places just to see the sun getting down. It has its own particular significance for me. Nightfall indicates Love, fondness, quiet, peace, silence and so on. It soothes one’s soul. One’s soul can discover peace and get profoundly associated with own self.


Meditating in the golden hour is ideal panacea for the man amid life blues.  Away from the hullabaloo of the marketplace, this is a perfect place to be. Fortunate are the one’s living close-by who get the opportunity to appreciate the nature’s showstopper everyday.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’]http://kanchanrai.com.np/authors/angesh.jpg[/author_image] [author_info] An active member and author of the “Terai Photo Series” on ghumante, Angesh is from Biratnagar. A freelance photographer and traveler, he is also involved in the field of food and nutrition promoting sustainable agriculture as a member of BCFN.

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