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Garden City of Seven lakes: Lekhnath

Named after the famous poet ‘Shiromani Lekhnath Paudel’, Lekhnath holds numerous treasures to offer to its visitors. Lekhnath is located in southeastern part of Pokhara valley, at a distance of 10 km from Pokhara and 181 km west from Kathmandu.

Having amity with the mountains, cliffs and and forests, the seven lakes of Lekhnath are Begnas, Rupa, Khaste, Deepang, Gunde, Neureni and Maidi. During Spring season, white lotuses blossom in most of these lakes and make the whole environment blissful. Lotuses smile in the lakes and rivers till summer spreading the fragrance and message of purity. The largest lake of Lekhnath is Begnas lake. Enriching the beauty of this land, the lake welcomes large number of visitors every year. However, the motive to travel the lake varies from person to person.

With the first rays of sun arrive, one can see the sun, the mountains and the lakes all smiling together. One can’t stop falling in love with the sights of these lakes during sunrise and sunset. People seeking for peace and serenity find this place to be perfect. Some love to gaze at the beauty of lake with chilling music on the waiting bench while some sit by the lakeside, attempting to diminish the coldness in relations.

Visitors can have access to cheap and safe boating services here. The couple of hours of boating around the places like Raj Tudha, Baraha Chetra, Majhi Kuna with the loved ones makes you forget the rest of the world for the moment.

A dive into the lake after a hectic day promises divine pleasure. The local kids can be seen performing different jumps and acrobatic tricks in the lake. Not to mention swimming in the lake is far more fun compared to small swimming pools.

During the holidays,  number of people, from kids to adults, line up for fishing. Fish can be bought conveniently and served on plates, but these people find joy in going all the way through the process of fishing to eating it. They enjoy fishing for hours and return back home with a bag full of fish and a relaxed mind.

Begnas and Rupa lake are very famous for the variety of delicious fish items including grilled fish, fried fish, fish curry, fish mo:mo and many more. One can enjoy the heavenly taste of fish in restaurants nearby these lakes.

Only a few visitors set on the journey to trek around the Begnas lake. Starting from the lake, this route comprises of Lama swara, Syangkhudi, Begnas, Kotbari, Sundaridada, Bhanjyang and Pachavaya. The trip offers splendind view of the lakes as well as the life of the locals from different perspectives. These travelers take the most precious souvenir of memories back home.

Beautiful terrains and panoramic view of mountains, hills, ridges, spurs, gorges, valleys and riverbanks add to the beauty of this place. The Sundari Danda View Tower offers an eye catching view of the Himalayas and hills with greenery paused from a running motion. One can see many parts of the valley from Kotwari, which is the highest peak of Lekhnath and is located at the upper part of Begnas village across the lake.

Moreover, the protected green forests, Sungava, Naavo(wild paddy), coffee farms, orange farms, aquatic species and birds add to the rich biodiversity of Lekhnath. This place is also getting popular as a ‘Bird Watching’ site since the lakes provide the habitat to several species of birds. Around thirty species of bird species are found in the Rupa lake according to current survey, including Eurasian Wigeon, Great Egret, Grey Heron, Indian Pond Heron etc. Similarly Begnas Taal is inhabited by around twenty bird species including Black-backed Forktail, Common Redshank, Mallard and White-breasted Waterhen. The Siberian, Indian and Afghani birds come to Khaste lake to protect themselves from the cold.

In addition to that, the royal trek to Himalayan range(comprises of Machhapuchre, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri etc. ranges) passes through Lekhnath. There is also a cave; Sita cave and Seti gorge catching the attraction of visitors.

Give it a visit, you will surely feel once is not enough!

The whole Lekhnath is calling you, go see the lakes as soon as possible!

Photos by : Rishav Adhikari



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