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“Ghumante” means a person who loves to Travel and travels a lot in Nepali. And we are just that. We are a group of Travel Enthusiasts, Photographers and Adventurers. We love travelling in and around Nepal and share our Stories. We have travelled all around Nepal, some known and some very rarely known places but equally magical.

Ghumante began as weekly Travel Plan among a group of Friends, who then decided why not share it with others. Posting to facebook wasn’t enough, and Ghumante was born. The first milestone was the Ghumante Facebook Page, which is getting popular in a very short span of time, and then, BOOM!, we are all over the web now. This website is another attempt to share our Travel Stories and Photo Journals with all the Travel and Nature Lovers around the Globe.

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On traveling

There’s something amazing about reaching new places and seeing things for the first time. When you see a stunning sunset, when you see the clouds beneath your feet, or when you’re amazed by the magic of cosmos, overwhelmed by the volume of vastness around you, you get this thrill of being; and at the same time, […]

Khopra Ridge Trek

Text: Dovan Rai Photographs: Sean P. Grady and Dovan Rai October 2016: Three of my friends were visiting Nepal for the first time and one of the interesting things they wanted to do in Nepal was trek in the mountains. Considering the tight schedule and their unfamiliarity in the terrain and my own, I picked […]

An Evening by the Lake

We Humans have striking accomplishments in our names. Be it diving deep into the ocean or climbing the highest mountains in the world, landing on the moon, and many more, we have done it all with astounding precision. Its our tendency to always try to do things that are never done before. Despite all these achievements, sometimes, this heart […]

Anybody who Loves Travelling, is Ghumante!

If you have been in and around Nepal, and have beautiful Photos of Nepal , Stories to share, Please feel free to share them with us.

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